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Tomorrow is the last day of our blog hop, don't forget to sign up again today to give yourself more chances to win in the Giveaway drawing! It has been fun acquainting myself with other bloggers works and chatting with those of you who left comments. Today I want to share with you from the FOREWORD of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity, written by John Sandford of Elijah House Ministries.

Many have written articles, and some have composed books that include passages about burden bearing.  Some have inadvertently revealed how little they really understand about this most mystical and mysterious of the Lord’s callings upon our lives.  Carol Brown has written a comprehensive tome replete with comprehension because she has lived burden bearing from its bumbling beginnings in her heart to its climax in expertise.  She knows the subject inside out, and so will you if you persevere not only in the reading but in the practice of burden bearing prayer and ministry.

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6).  As the Holy Spirit has tumbled us into new revelations and gifts, increasingly since the middle of the twentieth century as Joel 2:28 is being fulfilled before our wondering eyes, we have all come to understand that Bible text experientially, sometimes ruefully.  It seems we can’t enter into anything new in the Spirit without suffering the pains of trial and error.  Which is probably the Lord’s providential wisdom, else how would we come to fully own what He wants us to know?  Pearls are the symbol of wisdom because when a grain of sand irritates an oyster, it works to cover it, and beauty is formed.  So it is with us.

Burden bearing, though a most basic calling for all Christians, has been almost totally neglected by Christian teachers, and very little understood by most—teachers and pupils alike.  The depths of it remain new revelation to all but a miniscule portion of the Body of Christ.  Now comes Carol Brown, uniquely prepared by the route of trial and error and the fires of the illness of MS to expose the secrets, and joys, of burden bearing to the Body of Christ.

As readers will learn, burden bearing is not something exotic and thus the exclusive property of a few elite.  It is a calling upon us all, and an elevation into ministry to the very heart of our loving Lord Jesus Himself, a constant practice in the art of loving others as Jesus loves, a supreme labor that is love itself.  As Galatians 6:2 tells us, “Bear one another’s burdens, and thus fulfill the law of Christ” (emphasis mine).  The law of Christ is to love as He loved, which is to lay our lives down for each other.  Hopefully you will come to appreciate the fullness of what that means as you read and put into practice what you learn here.

Precisely because burden bearing is such a priceless gifting and high calling, it can to that degree be subject to error and consequent suffering.  Carol makes that abundantly clear throughout her book, and teaches how to avoid pitfalls and bear burdens rightly in our Lord Jesus.  You may find great relief as Carol explains the dynamics of burden bearing in marriages and other close relationships (in Chapters 5 & 6).

For more than forty years Paula and I have pioneered in the discovery and teaching of inner healing.  Know then our qualification when we say that except possibly for the field of deliverance ministry, we know of no other calling more fraught with pains and aches from lack of knowledge than the field of burden bearing!  That is one reason why Carol Brown’s book on burden bearing is so timely and so desperately needful for the Church in these days, as the Lord purifies His servants a la Malachi 3 for ministry to His broken and tattered world.  We are going to have to know the rightness and the pitfalls of burden bearing intercession and ministry as the times crescendo to mountains of need and the Lord calls His own to stand in the gap for the multitudes.  And as He trains us for the coming greatest revival in all of history.

 “Faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ” (Romans 10:7).  We all know that.  But how often did Jesus say, “Let him who has ears to hear, hear”?  Many if not most peoples’ hearts are too laden and confused for the mind to hear the good news of the gospel.  Therefore, all too often the preaching of the “word of Christ” falls on deaf ears.  There has never yet been a great revival without first great intercessory prayers.  Burden-bearing intercession uniquely prepares the hearts of people to hear God’s word and respond.  If multitudes are to be converted, and then healed unto salvation, thousands, even millions, must come to join the ranks of God’s burden bearing intercessors.

And beyond the great revival, as the prophesied tribulations of the end time increase exponentially, we are going to have to have an increasing army, a vast host, who know how to stand for the Lord in burden bearing intercession and ministry for the transformation of the Father’s broken children.  Today, there are yet too few.

Read with expectancy.  You are being led onto the ground floor of the vast newness God is building.  You are privileged to be part of it, partners with Him in the coming glory.  Therefore, study to show yourselves worthy…this book is full of revelation.  John Sandford, founder, Elijah House Ministries.

Thank you all for stopping by. Tomorrow is our last day of hopping and the last chance to sign up for the drawing. Tomorrow I will feature my second book on spiritual sensitivity, Highly Sensitive. Do leave a comment if you have one.
Blessings, Carol

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