Sunday, May 27, 2012


It seems I have hit that spot again, folks. When my husband's schedule hits overdrive I can't seem to keep balance. I know that there is spiritual overlap of his spirit and mine and when his ministry stress reaches a certain level it flows into me and I short circuit. When it comes to me so fast I can't pass it on to Jesus I lose my ability to handle my own affairs such as keeping up with blogging, email, marketing group, writing and housework. It is difficult to sort out what is too much of the above and what is too much because of being distracted by hubbie's ministry! It is something like throwing a circuit breaker. When you are wired for 110 and are hit with a 220 surge, the breaker blows to protect the equipment.

Well, I think we have been hit by a 220+ surge...and there are papers all over the floor!

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