Thursday, May 10, 2012

God Thoughts on Trials

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My friend in Israel gave me permission to repost her blog. I was amazed at how it followed in the same vein as my last post! I think you will appreciate it. 

The Miracle in the Trial

This afternoon I noticed something in the Hebrew language.

I noticed that there is a whole way of thinking build into the Hebrew:

'Nsayon" – means trial, experience, hardship. "ns" it's first two letters mean – miracle.

So from the trial and the hardship comes a miracle of overcoming and learning and growing stronger.

"savlanut" means patience. The root – "sevel" means hardship almost as bad as slavery. Meaning, that from the hardship, even of slavery, comes out the good ability to be patient with others and with life.

In the bible there are lines that became a part of the Hebrew culture like: From strong came sweet – it is in the story of Samson who said it after he found the lion carcase full of honey. It means that goodness comes from hardship and trial.

Before the celebration of Purim – the Book of Esther – we have 3 days fast. Before the Passover – the first born of Israel fast in memory of the ones who were slain.

We are at the eve of the memorial day for the soldiers who fell over time to protect Israel. We are a week after the memorial of the holocaust. On Thursday we'll celebrate Israel's 64th birthday. It is an event that came out of suffering during 2000 years of exile, out of the gas chambers, out of the death of so many young people (more then 22,000). But it is a birthday of freedom. Just like the freedom on Passover that came out of 430 years of slavery in Egypt.

I believe that for the world another great freedom came after a great suffering. Yeshua died on the Roman cross, suffered horribly like so many thousands who were nailed to crosses at that time. But ! but! He rose again, and this act of self sacrifice had given a freedom to each individual who chose to accept Him as the Messiah. From suffering came an inner freedom from sins that only God can give. He is the "ns" (miracle) in the "nisayon" (trial).   [End of post]
I really am beginning to look at things differently. I can tell that there is a difference in how I see, but at this point it is difficult to describe. I can just tell that having asked God to help me think the way He does that something in me is changing. I think that's a good thing!
What about you, any changes going on?
Blessings, Carol

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