Monday, May 7, 2012

Blog Hop Welcome

Welcome to the 1st John 3:16 Giveaway Blog Hop!

As one of the members of this great network of Christian Authors, I am excited to participate in this event! We have come together this week to showcase our books and to give you, our readers, a chance to win some great prizes as you "hop" from blog to blog. A different prize is offered at each blog site (no purchase necessary), however if you want to have a chance to win one of two Kindles the network is giving away, the only requirement is that you sign up for the John 3:16 ezine newsletter. (Located at the top right side column of the John 3:16 blog site.)

At the other blogs, each author will request that you leave a comment (and a valid email address) so they may contact you if you win a prize offered on their blog site.

May I also suggest that you show your love and appreciation to each blog host by either following them on Twitter, or "liking" them on Facebook or even subscribing to their blog. It won't help your odds of winning a prize but I know each author would be thrilled and very encouraged!

On this site you can win a set of books:
The Sassy Pants Series OR The Burden Bearing Series
Enter your name and working email in the comment box to enter a drawing for:
Sassy Pant and Sassy Pants Makes Amends are geared to grades 3-5 and deal with many of the issues children that age face. My hope is that it will open conversations between parents and children. If you would like to see more about the Sassy Pants Series go here:

The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity is for all those who wonder, "What was God thinking when He made me?" Many find this book gives voice and vocabulary to how the highly sensitive experience life, explains how burden bearing works, and provides strategies for healing from the hurts of sensitivey. And Highly Sensitive helps sensitive people make boundaries and guidelines to rein life in so it is more manageable.You will find more on these books here:
When the blog hop is over we will have a drawing. I will notify the winner and he or she may choose which set of books they want. I will ask for an address to send them to and send them off! It is that easy. So be sure to leave your name and a viable email address so I can contact you if you win.

Tell your friends about the John 3:16 Giveaway Blog Hop! It's going to be a great week of fun!

Just click on the links below to go from blog to blog! Happy hoppin'!

Blog Hop Participants:

1.     Lorilyn Roberts (John 3:16 Network Blog)

2.     Lynn DoveWord Salt (Host blog) -

3.      Laura J. Davis -

4.      Paulette Harper -

5.      Carol A. Brown -

6.     April Gardner -

7.     Sue Russell

8.     Thomas Blubaugh -

10.  Heather Bixler

11.  Joy Hannabass

12.  Deborah Bateman -

13.  Kimberley Payne -

14.  Rose McCauley

16.  Alice J. Wisler -

17.  Amanda Stephan -

18.  Saundra Dalton

21.   Deborah McCarragher -

22.  Lorilyn Roberts -

24.  Martin Roth

25.  Janet Perez Eckles -

26.  Kenneth Winters

27.  Eddie Snipes

29.  Janalyn Voigt -

30.   Alberta Sequeira

32.  Marcia Laycock

34.  Nike Chillemi -

35.  Elaine Marie Cooper -

37.   Jairus B. King

38.   Bill Burt -

40.   Bob Saffrin -

41.   Theresa Franklin -

42.   Ray Lincoln -

43.   Lilly Maytree -

44.   Valerie King -

46.   Pauline Creeden -

47.   Katherine Harms -

50.   Melissa Main

51.    Kevin Main -

52.    Sandy Humphrey -

53.    Felice Gerwitz -

54.   Hallee Bridgeman -


  1. Leanna Morris

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  3. Thanks for the giveaway and the ministry you do through your blog/writing!


  4. I have some grandkids who would love your books. Thank you for the chance to win them. God Bless you.

    Glenda Parker

  5. Hello, my name is Jennifer Hansen and my email is! I love your book about sensitivity! I would love to win the giveaway! I consider myself a sensitive person and I think I could learn from your book! Thank you for being a part of this giveaway and have a blessed day!
    Isaiah 40:31

  6. Thanks so much for participating in the blog hop. It sounds like your write very unique books. I look forward to reading them.

    My name is Stephanie Nickel and you can email me at


  7. Thank you for being a part of this blog hop. i look for good Christian value blogs to follow, so thank you again. Also thanks for the opportunity to win!

  8. Hi Carol! I'm just swinging by to show my support. Happy blogging!

  9. Thank you for being a part of the fun. God bless you.

    Glenda Parker

  10. I'm following your blog and what a great Blog Hop!

  11. Carol, just "hoppin" by to thank you for being one of our great blog hop hosts! You are a blessing!

  12. Krissti Bryant wonderful site!

  13. Hi, Carol... just "hopping around" today... everything looks lovely!

  14. I am enjoying this! Never participated in a blog hop...glad I stopped by. My email address is darlene(at)darleneshortridge(dot)com


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  17. I commented on the wrong place.

    Lovin this blog hopper! I would like The Burden Bearing Series. Thank you!

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  18. some great giveaways! Now I'm hopping over to the next blog!

  19. Hi Carol - enjoying this hopping. :) Marcia Laycock

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    Deborah M.
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  25. Thank you for participating in the blog hop and the opportunity to win your books!

  26. Blog hopping is fun!

    Becky Isaac

  27. You blog hop post is looking good!! We are having some new people visiting too!!

    Your giveaways look wonderful and exciting!Any of your books would be a great win!

    Lets keep it up Authors...and reviewers....
    Blessings.....Joy Hannabass

  28. Thought I stopped by here earlier...guess not. Hmm....
    Well, just wanted to say thank you for being a part of the hop and letting us readers/followers explore more Christian authors! :)