This page will give you an idea of the topics I'm available to speak about, and some types of groups I typically speak to.

If you'd like further information or would like me to give a presentation to your group, please contact me via my website.

Topics related to my books for adults: The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive
  • Burden bearing—general audience
  • Being different but not ruined—life after a trauma—a death, chronic disease, etc.) (motivational/personal testimony)
  • On Brokenness & Motivation (Personal testimony/motivational)
  • The Joy of the Lord (Personal testimony/motivational)
  • Trust and repair of trust 
  • Roots from Eden (2 talks)—the roots of communication and relational difficulties
  • The difficulty with centering: motivational in relation to spiritual growth using the metaphor of the potter’s wheel
  • Burden bearing seminar—5 talks
    • Design at work—what burden bearing is, how it looks and feels— real life examples
    • Design—how the human body is designed as an instrument of prayer as well as praise
    • Discernment—distinguishing between “thee” and me, what burdens to accept and which to avoid, knowing what God wants me to accept
    • Dynamics—different ways it works in relationships
    • Destiny—how our identity affects our walking out of destiny or missing it all together and how burden bearing fits into destiny
Topics relating somewhat to the children's Sassy Pants series:
  • The trials & tribulations of growing up!-- Discussion of the "talking points" 
  • The needs and developmental tasks of children 4-12. Relate them to the story
  • If a child is to become a functional part of society he/she must learn that consequences follow choices. Parents’ task is to see that this is learned — part of building a platform under a child that he/she can build upon. Talking Points:
    • Growing up as fun and games
    • The developmental significance of the games we play:
      • Peek-a-boo, I see you/where’d she/he go?
      • Patty Cake—first lesson in discernment!
    • The spiritual significance of “seeing” your child — part of fulfilling the calling of parent (building a platform under the child that he can build upon).
      • Train up a child . . . 
      • Watch to see what learning style is and play to that
      • “Train up according to him” — if you don’t know how, find someone who does
      • How we are trained – analogy of training an ox to grind finding tasks appropriate for age and development
      • Inclusion & meeting needs – included with love and joy in ongoing operations of the family with age appropriate tasks

Groups I typically speak to:
  • Parent-Teacher Organizations (particualrly the Sassy Pants talking points)
  • Home School Associations
  • Writers Groups/Literary groups (about the creative process
  • Parents/grandparents—Awana teachers and leaders
  • Teachers (Sunday School, home school, public/private school)
  • Ministry groups (intercessors, prayer ministry, and worship teams)
  • Ministry training
  • Women’s groups
  • Recovery groups
  • I also do readings of Sassy Pants as entertainment
  • Readings for schools or library story hour