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The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity-Your Practical Guide to Responding to Burdens You Feel from God's Heart is a book about prayer and intercession; a book about burden bearing or sharing what is on God's heart. It is about the high sensitivity that makes it possible to empathize (synchronize) with the people around you, and with God's heart-- and the part the Holy Spirit plays in that. You can watch a YouTube video clip of Carol talking about this book.

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Highly SensitiveHighly Sensitive book cover
 is about how empathetic burden bearing affects the individual; how to recover and repair damage from negative responses to your high sensitivity on the emotional, spiritual and psychological levels. It gives principles and guidelines to help reign life in so that it is manageable. It deals with five growth areas common to the highly sensitive. 1) Hearing God, 2) Confidence in what you hear, 3) Trust, 4) Boundaries, 5) Identity and destiny. It will encourage you—and maybe help you be less hard on yourself. You are learning a spiritual language, and that takes time! Other books present how to intercede, how to hear God, but never address the issue of high sensitivity. A certain amount of sensitivity is necessary to connect with and sense the heart of God. You need to know how that very sensitivity affects those who are wired to be highly sensitive!

You can watch a YouTube video clip by Carol, or read more about the book by clicking on the front cover -