Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This Christmas Give The Gift of Healing Knowledge

About The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity: In a society that values production and performance, highly sensitive people struggle to make sense of the overwhelming data stream that daily bombards them. The Mystery gives voice and vocabulary to how highly sensitive people experience life; helps them understand the dynamics that wounded them and caused them to hate the way are, and brings healing to those wounds. It calls such people to consider that they may be a “natural” burden bearer, one who naturally comes alongside to help with what is overwhelming. The book also touches on how this high sensitivity can facilitate and/or muck up marriage and parenting relationships. It explains why God made some 20-30% of the population this way—to be His burden bearers continuing on with the ministry of reconciliation Jesus began. Highly sensitive people are wonderfully and uniquely designed to be His “special forces” in a spiritual war. Highly sensitive people are not crazy, just different from many—and that is a good thing!
Gift set of seven copies of The Mystery for $70.00 - Shipping $6.00
Single copy $12.00 - Shipping $2.50
Combination gift set 1 copy each of The Mystery and Highly Sensitive - $20.00
Highly Sensitive: is about learning how to live with this “gift” before it kills you! It is about things you can choose to work on under GOD’s direction which will help a highly sensitive person reign life in so that it is manageable. This book is about the issues highly sensitive people wrestle with (trust, boundaries, identity) and the inner structures needed to live a joy-filled life as a burden bearer. It provides guidelines for building in the structures, habits, and disciplines that will enable you to do “the good works that were designed for you to do from the beginning” (Ephesians 2:10)…It will help you learn how to walk in destiny. . . to walk, talk, live and love like a son/daughter of The King!
These books are for any adult, highly sensitive or not, who is seriously seeking relationship with God and people; anyone wanting to grow spiritually, those who wonder what in the world is wrong with them, or what God was thinking when he made them! Couples who read it together find it helpful in improving their marriages, grandparents interceding for family members, ministry leaders wanting to understand those they lead, and counselors and prayer ministers who “repair the saints.” People “not so sensitive” will find help in understanding their weird relatives better! Understanding is the most loving gift you can give the highly sensitive people in your life—and the remaining 70-80% not so sensitive can learn from them! But fasten your seatbelts. Jesus does not slow down on the learning curve!
Gift set of seven Highly Sensitive for 70.00 - shipping $6.00  
Singles $11.00 plus  $2.50 Shipping

About Sassy Pants: Sassy Pants is a cute little pig, with a big attitude. She came to view herself as “a people, not a pig.” Her resentment at being returned to the pig pen became an obsession to return to “the big house.” She became the barnyard bully, ignored fences or boundaries, and did not listen to correction. She did not even listen to the Boss Hog!  Her “jokes” made no one else laugh.
Sassy Pants insisted upon having her own way with no regard for others feelings. “She neither noticed, nor did she care!” She caused Mrs. White to have a tizzy; ruffled feathers and tied fur in knots in the barnyard and out of it until the animals turned to Farmer White for help. In the end she learned that her choices always had consequences. Some she didn’t like! “Some learn the easy way and some learn the hard way!” Find out how Sassy Pants learned! Sassy Pants is the first in a series of four.
Gift sets of seven Sassy Pants for $49.00 plus $3.00 Shipping
Singles - $8.00 plus $2.00 Shipping
Other titles to follow:
Sassy Pants Makes Amends—About how to fix a friendship when you are the one who broke it! (To be released approximately February, 2012).
Sassy Pants and the Strange Creature—About getting along with those who are different from yourself.
Sassy Pants and The Boss Hog—About finding her place in her father’s heart, and her place in the herd.

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