Sunday, November 13, 2011

A Book Review and a Wake Up Call!

As I said in an earlier post, I would be blogging at times about books and authors and writing since I have joined John 3:16 Marketing Network. In my excitement to be part of what the Lord is doing I didn't think to use an abundance of caution and move into involvement slowly. I was quickly asked to be a partner in a book launch, which of course, I didn't understand. Never mind, you learn as you do, right? So I agreed to do a review and blog and offer a free gift of the first chapter of my book. Lesson learned--read before you agree! So here is the review I wrote:

The Book of Ruth by Deborah Bateman

This bible study of the book of Ruth is more of a reading guide, breaking the book into bite sized pieces for adults “on the fly” who have time to read a bit but not do an in depth study. It is simply written, easy to read and follow. Because it is so simply written I could see it also fitting nicely in a series on character traits of Bible personalities for young girls, pre-mid-teens. The lessons are appropriate in length for the age group. Vocabulary is limited as is the use of “Christian terminology.” I can see this study being part of home school curriculum or a child’s personal devotion as they begin to take up the spiritual disciplines of bible study and journaling.

Young people are drawn to role models and Ruth is certainly a model of devotion, self control, and perseverance as well as strength, courage and beauty. Boaz could certainly be a role model for boys/young men in that he did what was right; he accepted responsibility and he went through proper channels. And the Lord’s response to their obediently living within the boundaries God had drawn was to bless, and demonstrate His provision before the whole community. Although the character traits are not developed in the study itself, I believe adults would find their thoughts settling on this aspect of the story and find points of identification with some of the struggles these people went through.
Rating: 4 stars
Okay, now comes my reaction and pure opinion--my tastes, nothing else. I was excited to read a Bible study book, and I love the book of Ruth. The more I read, the more I thought, "Well, this is a reading guide, not a study book!" I guess I was expecting something in depth about the main characters personality traits and linking it to other scriptures that expounded upon those traits, word studies that shed light onto meanings or something new that I didn't know about the land, culture, and times.  That's what I like in a Bible Study, but, hey, who is to say there are not other styles of Bible study--of course there are! It just rocked me back on my heels for a bit until I got my equilibrium and could see that this is a good fit for busy people and youngsters starting out. To her credit, Deborah did make good connections and underscored points we should all remember. I have learned a valuable lesson that I should read before I commit! That's sort of like "look before you leap," eh? I wonder how many other times in life I make assumptions and committments without properly thinking about the natural outworking of the consequence. It was a good wakeup call!
Here's to some good reading!
Blessings, Carol

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