Friday, November 11, 2011

For the Birds?

Birds of a feather flock together, so the adage goes. As a highly sensitive person I have been looking for my “tribe,” for others like me. Maybe I got that wrong. Maybe I should be looking for my flock!

My husband has often referred to me as his “canary!” The reference is to the way miners detected methane gas by taking a canary in a cage with them into the mine. If the canary stopped singing, they checked to see if the poor little fellow tipped over. The small body of the bird succumbed to the gas much more quickly than the much greater bulk of the miners. If the poor bird lay with its feet in the air they knew they had some time to exit the mine, but not much!

David began calling me his canary because if there was concern about spiritual contamination, he would send me in and watch! If I tipped over or broke out itching, etc., he knew more prayer was needed to discern what the matter was. I have a friend who is truth based; she can’t stand it when someone messes with the truth. Poor thing will break out in hives—now that is what I call an allergic reaction! I’ve wondered how much of the rise in immune disorders like MS, RA and fibromyalgia and neurological problems like autism are related to sensory overload of highly sensitive people—wearing out and wearing down a finely turned system.

God designed us to be so sensitive even though He knew what was coming. I know He had a good reason. It must be important for us to be here! You and I cannot see the really big picture. I have some answers and you can find those in my books The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive. I’m working on a third manuscript that has some more answers. But I am sure the Lord has only shared the beginning of the answers to the mystery!

One good use of our sensitivity is that we can act as an early warning system for the Church. If The Church is willing to listen, those who are highly spiritually sensitive react to the schemes and wiles of the adversary and alert the congregation. I think this will become increasingly important as we come closer and closer to the Lord’s return.

I’d like to hear from some of you birds! What makes you tip over or break out in a rash? When do you want to go away and hide?
Blessings, Carol

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