Saturday, October 12, 2013

New name coming but same blog--any input?

Sorry about the irregularity of posting. It is hard to get the wobbles out of the schedule.

Here is what is perking in my mind...I have been wanting to migrate this site over to join my others in WordPress. My daughter helped out her mom and set this site up for me. At the time I didn't have a name to call it so she just called it "connectwithcarolbrown." After all this time, I really should come up with a name! As I have been thinking about it the Lord reminded me of an experience I had with Him.

I was writing the book Highly Sensitive at the time. I was working on a piece around the scripture in Matt. 5 about our lives being like a city on a hill. I told God that I thought that was a lot of light and kind of overwhelming to me. I didn't think I had that much light. Could He find a metaphor that was more my size? A short pause ensued and then I heard, "How about you be the porch light that I leave on so that people who are lost can find their way home?" I was happy with that, it felt more my size.

Maybe two years later the Lord had me writing a business plan--I have no idea why, but out of obedience, I was doing it and He shows up and sits there grinning at me. He was so pleased! As I worked I looked over the top of my glasses at Him (of course there was no one there in the room to visibly "see" but I could feel His presence). I said, "I'm glad You are happy." Still grinning He said, "How about I change my porch light?"
      Big grin as I look up, "Feel free."
      "How about I make it a flood light?"

I had images of one of these bad boys on my porch...make that Jesus' porch: 

At that point I stopped working, closed my computer and laughed out loud. I said, "God, You can change Your light any way You like, any time You like!" I thought, "A flood light? Really?"

I'm still not sure why He wants me to have a business plan because I know nothing of business or what to do with a plan or even what to do next or how to market books. I am simply trying to keep up with Jesus and write down what I hear Him say.

So anyway, I am thinking of renaming this blog Jesus Porch Light...or maybe just The Porch Light... What do you think? How does it strike you? Any suggestions?

Blessings, Carol...making it plain

P.S. I am also writing over at
P.S.S. Don't forget about the books, The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive.

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  1. Hi, Carol... Jesus Porch Light would definitely be as plain as it gets, offering an invitation to a specific group of people who would recognize immediately what kind of a blog it is. The Porch Light, on the other hand, could mean any number of things, casting a wider net in the sea of readers out there. So, I guess the name should depend on exactly what you have in mind for this blog. Something you might find in... um... a business plan!

    Love the way your thoughts go, and it is always a blessing whenever I happen to wander by and notice the "light's on." Hmm... adventures ahead for you, I think!