Thursday, September 12, 2013

Hard Landing!

This blog is about life from the perspective of a highly sensitive person. So from this angle the most gracious thing I can say about re-entry from vacation is that it was a hard landing.

Our first stop was our daughter’s retirement ceremony celebrating 20+ years in the Coast Guard.


Did our hearts good to hear all the glowing comments from the Admiral down to the Petty Officer who worked for her. And then to see her list of commendations! Wow. She has an excellent record. Very proud of that girl.

We were supposed to go halibut fishing but the weather turned on us and we could not go out. We satisfied ourselves on all the wonderful, fresh seafood. Sigh. Hugged the grandkids.


And then off to Seattle. First we visited our daughter’s new job site where she is Sales and Marketing Director for Mount Rainier Scenic Railroad. We were treated to a ride in “her” train. David even got to ride in the cab with the engineers on the way back! This is a photo she took with her phone!

Meilee's newjob RaineirScenicRail

Second item on the agenda was to go sailing with the family… 
 Sailing 3 5-2013

only to be rained out. Two weeks of loving up on family! Nothing like it…

Sailing 5-2013     image

but sleeping in different beds—after two weeks we were ready to come home.

So we arrive late at night and what do we find but the pump for all the downstairs waste water which has to be pumped up to the first floor to go out to the septic—yeah, it decided to die while we were gone. Hard bump. No shower. No laundry, no dish washing—no using any drain for any reason and NO FLUSHING! Oy, yoi, yoi! It took the plumber a week to come. I want to be very clear--I do not like camping. Just because I can do it does not mean I like it!! I’m grateful we had “camping facilities” available and that they sufficed. Blessings on the plumber!

That left me with three weeks of laundry, an overflowing sink full of dirty dishes, our smelly selves and a distraught elderly mother! Blessings on the people who invented showers and dishwashers and automatic washing machines and hot water heaters! It also left this blog with no updates and no one knowing what had happened and why no updates. Well, now you know! And if the Lord had not been with me I would have just lost it…L.O.S.T it!!! Just sayin’. It was definitely a hard landing.

Now that I am catching up with myself I am reminded that God does not promise to make life easy but He does promise to be with us as we go through these frustrating times when we think we are going to explode or die! And then we are afraid we are not going to, but instead we are going to have to endure. God is gracious. My nerves survived and the watch God put on my mouth didn’t slip…at least I don’t think it did. I'll check with David on that.

Sometimes negotiating the traps the enemy sets with our faith and our nerves intact without losing the grace God gives us is victory.

Action step? Um…well, there is still the mail to go through and then maybe I can think of action steps! 

So how was your last three weeks?

Blessings, Carol…making it plain!
Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive

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