Friday, April 19, 2013

Listen to the enemy? He plays a head game.


Images courtesy of MicrosoftBluesJazz           When I read a guest blog on one of the John 3:16 Marketing Network sites I did a double take. Listen to the enemy!!?? Wait a minute. The enemy is that rude Philistine that sneaks into my head and has a party! He dances on my dreams and goals. He plays the Blues…I can’t stand the blues!

Listen to that guy? I don’t think so…

Then she pointed to the times when the energy is low and you sigh and say, “This is it. This is my life for the rest of my life. God is not going to heal me.” She encouraged me and everyone to remember that satan is the father of lies. He never tells the truth. He gave you that thought and he is a compulsive liar. He whispers smack, smut and garbage! When I saw where she was going with this I got excited! 

So, when he puts the thought in your head that “God is never going to heal,” he is trying to get you to agree. If you and I agree with him, we prevent God from healing us. Scripture says that Jesus could not do many miracles in His hometown because they did not believe that He could!                        Image courtesy of Microsoft 

WheelchairWhen he says that I will never walk again—that is exactly what he fears. When he puts the thought in my head that I don’t have the strength to exercise, he is actually trying to keep me from doing the very thing that could release me from my physical prison. When I’m up and on my feet I can be a force to be reckoned with. He fears what would happen if I do exercise.

When he tries to muddle my thinking, it is an attempt to get me to agree with muddled thinking. He is afraid of anyone who studies and rightly handles the Word of Truth because of the power they have to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, bind up the broken, release captives, and otherwise damage his kingdom. He wants to push people with chronic conditions into depression because he is afraid of what we will do to him when we are filled with joy.                                Image courtesy of Microsoft

BullseyenarrowListen to the enemy—he is pointing to your next miracle, your next advance! He is giving away the target; telling you where to concentrate your energies. He can see what God is building in you. He is telling you what he is afraid is coming--aim for it!

Satan never tells the truth, but he works very hard at concealing and suppressing it!

Will you join me this week? I put a little notebook by my chair and I am going to try to write down every complaint and what I get discouraged about. Then I am going to write the truth or the victory it points toward. If I get really energetic I will try to find a scripture verse to go with it. Maybe I can do a triangulation, get my bearings and see where I am!

I look forward to your comments.

Blessings on your journey!

Carol,                                                                 Author of The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive                                                        

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