Monday, December 24, 2012

After Christmas Book Promotion

Christmas is a time of giving. After all of the presents are opened, it’s time to get even more stuff – batteries, songs for that new iPod, and eBooks for your new Kindle. For avid readers, the last thing on that list is probably what’s on your mind – even if you didn’t get a new Kindle. But books can be so expensive – even eBook prices seem to be rising in today’s economy. Did you know that there are still several ways to get free books for your Kindle? Yes, I said free.

And you will find The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity also free as an ebook!

Maybe you got a new Kindle for Christmas, maybe you just like free books, either way, you don’t want to miss what’s going on over at Body and Soul Publishing right now. They’re hosting the “Shop ‘Til You Drop FREE Christian Books and More” after Christmas book sale extravaganza. With over 40 books to choose from, readers are getting savings of over $140 – but that’s not all! They are also giving away a $25 Amazon gift card.

With bestselling authors such as Heather Bixler, Janet Perez Eckles, and Shelley Hitz giving their books away for free, this isn’t a sale that any Christian reader will want to miss. Besides getting over 40 FREE books during the sale, one of the books is a how-to guide for getting even MORE free books online. If you love reading as much as I do, you won’t want to miss this sale, so hop on over to Body and Soul Publishing and check it out here:

I am enjoying the children during this season. At my husbands office party people were telling stories of cute things kids say. One man retold the one about a child who misunderstood where the word juncture fell, resulting in his hearing the song title, Gladly the Cross I'd Bare as Gladly, The Crosseyed Bear. One lady in the group didn't get it at first, but when the mental picture hit her she became the entertainment! I trust you are also enjoying the parties!

Blessings, Carol Brown

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