Friday, March 2, 2012

God thoughts #6

I realize that I am out of sync with the order of things in the Sermon On The Mount! But, I wanted to share an interaction with the LORD in regard to being the light of the world. When writing the book Highly Sensitive I had occasion to refer to that Scripture. It reads, "You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden." Matt. 5:14 Just thinking about producing that much light was overwhelming to me, so I asked Him if He could come up with something that was not so daunting, that didn't carry so much responsibility with it. A brief pause ensued.

"Okay," the Lord continued, "how about you be My porch light that I leave on so that people in darkness can find their way home?" That felt so much better to me; that was my size. I could do that and gladly. There was a sense of coziness, appropriateness to it. I didn't hear anything more about it for some time.

Several months passed and then the Lord began to point me toward writing a business plan. I was a bit skeptical--I had no intention of having a business. What would I do with a business plan? He reminded me that Dave Gibbs, the accountant for the business my husband works for, The Healing Tree, rather pointedly refers to my books as a business. It sort of makes me uncomfortable. I'm a writer not a business person...but the Lord persisted so, "okay, if You think so..."

I was well into the plan when I realized one day that the Lord was sitting in front of me as I was working with laptop in hand. He was just sitting there delighted with me working on this project simply because He wanted me to. I looked up and grinned at the spot where I "knew" He was sitting, and said, "I am glad you are enjoying this!" I felt His grin become broader. I grinned back, shook my head and kept on working. He allowed me to work for a while and then interjected again, "Ummm, would it be okay with you if I changed the bulb in my porch light?"

     "Sure, I don't mind," I replied.

      "Well, what would you think if I changed it to a flood light?" At that point I threw my head back and laughed out loud. Me, for whom a 100 watt porch light felt just about right--He was going to transform me into a floodlight? That was funny!

      "Lord, You can change Your light any way You want!" I mean...He is the King of the Universe. And He is asking my permission? Would I mind? He may be the King of the Universe, but He is also my heavenly Father and as a loving father He does not want to dishonor or run roughshod over any of His children. He is so wonderfully courteous. I really do love Him. And I would encourage all who read this to dive into your relationship with Jesus--a relationship with Him is more than worth it! By chance if someone is reading this and does not know how to relate to Him, feel free to contact me through my website:


  1. Carol I love this! Don't you love God's humour. So exciting to meet you!

    1. Hi Jo! Just now seeing your comment--I'm not so quick on these things. Insert red face! Yes! I love God's humor..and you never when He is going to spring something funny on you. He sure keeps me on my toes! Good to meet you too. Blessings.