Friday, March 30, 2012

Scary God Thought!

.I have recently come upon a most wonderful software for composing! For those of us who seem incapable of composing in a linear fashion it is a godsend. Note that word: godsend. This software allows me to compose, have another idea, start a new chapter, keep track of all my research in another place... I can play around with the flow of the chapters without having to fuss with a big long manuscript...the wonderful things it will do just goes on and on. It is designed for how non linear people's minds work!

Then when all your chapters are perfected, you can go to "file" and hit compile: choose your format or essay, novel, novella, Kindle, academic paper or presentation! And zip, away it goes and viola there is your perfected manuscript in proper order, correct pagination...IT. IS. WONDERFUL!

There is a learning curve, I will say that; but they have an extensive manual. And they are the nicest people! I had a series of bizzare things happen with my first compile. I thought it was pilot error so I was careful--several times I was careful. Finally gave up and wrote for tech assistance. They graciously told me that what I was experiencing was...bizzare! The conclusion we arrived at was that the problems were the result of having first composed my manuscript in Word. Word has many embedded codes that interfere with formatting in another software! I so love Scrivener that I will not compose in Word again. I will begin--even think, dream and muse in Scrivener.

If anyone would like to give it a test drive you can get it here. They allow you a 30 day or 30 uses trial run of it. Here is another beauty about this software--it only costs $45.00.

Now here is my scary God thought. Why did He bring me here? Why am I finding this now? My Sassy Pants series is all written (2 published, 2 to go). The two burden bearing books are done. A third book with working title of Through the Wilderness...the path to holiness is freshly compiled in Scrivener. There are a couple embryonic novels rolling around in my head and another children's series...but nothing is pushing for expression. I was beginning to entertain thoughts that I might be able to go back to some knitting. Now this. God said He is my provider. He gives me what I need. (insert sober face) Um, Lord...why do I need this ferrari writing software? There is a knowing in the nether reaches of my being that He is going to be downloading stories...oh, my!

I know my current spiritual assignment is to stay one step behind Jesus so that I can hear what He says and write it down. My experience is that Jesus has very long legs. Sometimes he walks fast and takes big steps. I really have to hustle to keep up. I may or may not get to that knitting! I'll keep you posted as to what He's doing...

See you around!

Blessings, Carol


  1. Awesome Carol! I am going to check this one out.
    Kevin May

  2. Carol, I've heard of Scrivener before, but was under the impression it was only for Mac's. Is your version for Mac's?

    1. They have now come out with a Window's version!!