Friday, December 2, 2011

If you care, dare!

I know the Sassy Pants series of books are written for children but every now and then I feel the Lord grin and say, "uh, huh..." Every now and then when I am feeling particularly old and decrepit The Ancient Of Days puts it all in perspective. I realize that, like Moses, at age 80 I will just be getting started! In comparison to The Almighty, I am a mere babe in arms. So what's this little ramble about?

Sassy Pants Makes Amends is about her deep repentance for her bad behavior. The natural consequences of her actions resulted in the loss of friends and relationships. She was deeply sorry for what she had done, but her changed attitude came too late. The damage had been done to the relationships and trust was destroyed. That is just the way the mop flops. Jesus warned us this would happen (Luke 6:37).

When we do wake up to the consequences of our choices, what then? How do we fix the relationships we broke? How do we rebuild trust? I didn't write this story for adults--really! God just plopped the story line into my mind and we keep unpacking it! It may be a kid's story, but even adults can hear the truth of the lesson in it. Sassy Pants and spoiled rotten kids of all ages who seriously want to repair what they broke will find that amends works. Amends--finding what is important to the one you hurt and making that important to you too--and keep doing it for as long as it takes for trust to grow again. It goes way beyond sorry. It gives the hurt one a reason to trust again. It repairs what was broken; that is if you have the courage to dare to try to make amends.

If you care, dare. I'd like to hear the stories of those of you who cared enough to dare to make amends! Drop me a comment and share how amends works.

Blessings, Carol

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