Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Melaise

We took a vacation over Thanksgiving thinking this would be our family time and then we would have the whole month of December to do the Christmas thing--the parties, the baking, the letter know. Oh, ya, the gift giving!

Upon our return I had a horrible time with the differences in time zone. Added to that was the crunching effect of the lack of daylight during the week in Alaska. My days and nights have been horribly confused. I'm still waking up at 9:30-10:00 a.m. I have been ineffective as far as Christmas preparation. Today as Hannakah begins the light dawned on me. Part of the problem is Christmas melaise!

I've learned that from the 10th to the 30th of this month we have a special window in which to align with God's time. If satan can distract us with the busyness of preparation, refocus our attention on giving and getting, and wear us out with "holiday cheer," he can subvert the Lord's plan for us to reposition ourselves in His will and His timing! All this time my spirit was trying to get me a message and my soul was in a fog! I am so grateful the light came and scattered the darkness...and the fog!

This season I am celebrating that God came and lived among us. God came and saved us and continues to save us. He had a plan and He is sticking to it! Instead of feeling bad about what I have not gotten done I look at it as a piece of cultural baggage that I don't have to carry! I'm dropping "Christmas obligations" as fast as I can to have more time with Jesus, enjoying Him and coming into His timing!

I encourage you to think through all the activities and sort out what is just cultural "stuff" that can be easily dropped in preference for time our Savior!

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