Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Excuse Me, Can I Get A Blessing?

I read the following encounter between a mother and daughter and thought, how many times do I do the same kind of thing as this little girl!

"It was a busy week night. I was caught up in the whirlwind of coming home from work, preparing dinner and helping my son with homework. In the midst of all the activity my four year old sneezed. I was busy in the kitchen. I felt a tug on my  shirt. I looked down to see my daughter staring up at me, hands on her hips. She had an expectant look on her face. She was so serious I had to smile and ask "What is it K?" To which my cherub replied "I sneezed. And, excuse me, but can I get a 'bless you?'

I find myself busy with this, that and the other, and after a while I go to Father God and pull on His robe with, "Can I get a blessing here?" It seems I have this expectation when certain things happen certain other things should follow. After a while the blessing feels overdue. If God "is too busy" and doesn't play accourding to my scripting of events I feel compelled to make my presence and my needs known. I want my blessing and right now would be nice, thank you. As if a blessing is something I deserve! It's all grace! As if any of us deserves the outrageous love, salvation, and yes, blessings He gives day after day. (Insert shaking head!)

Every now and then something like this little girl stops me short. I realize that I tend to think that just because I'm a grown up chronologically that I am also grown up spiritually. Guess the Lord just wanted to remind me that I am young beyond my years! And that I can be grown up without having grown up!

The beautiful thing in the way God points out an area of weakness is that there is no condemnation, no chiding. He simply presents the parable and waits for me to figure it out. My spirit stops short and then my mind asks, "God, why am I looking at this?" That's the open door He was looking for and the awareness floods into my mind. I'm busted. Amazing!

Let me know how "Jehovah Sneaky" sneakes up on you and teaches truth.

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