Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Puzzling Out What God is Saying

It's interesting, I was on a roll with the "God Thoughts" and now several other things have intruded. BUT, I am on assignment to write what I hear, and I keep hearing "Hot Rocks!" At first I dismissed it having just read and reviewed a novel titled, Hot Rock Dreaming by Australian author Martin Roth. But then I started having images in my head of Ezekiel and the Lord touching his lips with coals. Hello! Are we having "Glowing Embers Panini" or "Lava Fondue" for lunch?! Whoever this is for, it is not going away!

Even though I am a language nut figuring out "God Speak" is a puzzle! Let's puzzle this out. Hot rocks. Another thing I have learned over the years is to say out loud (or write) what He says even if it does not make sense to me because it may make all kinds of sense to the one who needs to hear (or read) it. Are the hot rocks for me or for you?

God speaks and draws on many different images and scriptures and our experiences. Let's put down what we know.
  • In the novel I read, the hot rocks are sacred
  • Sacred things are not to be "used" commercially
  • God sanctified (made holy)  Ezekiel's communication by touching holy glowing embers to his lips
  • God has already given me a pen, the ink of which is holy fire
  • In the recessess of my mind I am aware of some kind of container to carry the hot rocks--just a humble bag with the top cinced shut with a string kind of the sort kids carry their marbles in
  • The hot rocks were where the aboriginal elder received revelation. Perhaps I need my personal place to go to receive revelation. But if God is giving me hot rocks to carry with me, what then? Does it mean that He has given me portable revelation that I carry with me or perhaps in me?
Further questions to ask...
  • Why do I need hot rocks?
  • What are they used for?
  • When, where and how are they to be used?
Ooooh, He wants me to start fires! The rocks are sacred things (holy words) that I carry with me and am to leave wherever I go! Whether it is the written word or spoken by lips made holy, all communication is to cause a spark; it is to burn into those who hear. "Did not our hearts burn within us...Luke 24:32." Those who embrace His holy fire will be made holy and those who resist will be scorched. Ouch! So that answers the "why" question.

As I looked at the remaining questions He impressed on my mind that I am to listen to Holy Spirit and do that instant obedience thing. I see more opportunities to practice instant obedience coming. Hmm, then He also reminded me about "don't commercialize it," and right after it the scripture pops into my head, "freely you have received, freely give." Matt. 10:8. Well, warnings are given for a reason...guess we will see what that reason is. These are some of the things the Lord is saying to me in this, He may also be speaking these or other things to your heart.

Before I go I want to invite one and all to join me on Tuesday, the 19th over at for my book launch of the latest in the Sassy Pants series. I've had a couple reviews say that it immediately reminded them of The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter! I was thrilled! Guess that gives away my age!

I would love to hear from you how you go about your process of putting together what God says when He speaks!

Blessings, Carol

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