Monday, June 11, 2012

Difficult People

Today I would like to continue with the subject of difficult people. High sensitivity is one of the weapons the Lord uses in His ongoing battle and He wants us to learn how to use it also. Yes, He could stop evil "right now." However, since evil is here and man had a hand in it being here; He is using evil in the formation of the "sons of God." I have been learning that the giants we face are not there to defeat us, but for us to learn how to defeat them. In our resisting satan, who is energizing the giant, we are formed more and more like Jesus. Difficult people can be formidable, especially when in a supervisory or leadership role. We must keep looking to Jesus for the next step, the next strategy.
You may have noticed a pattern of people finding you and divulging far more personal information than they should and/or far more than you want. Or, hurt birds just find you! Or angry people arrive in front of you as unerringly as a heat seeking missile? And they drop a payload of insult or venomous, hurtful words? You don't go looking for these people--they come! What is with that? Why can't you have some healthy friends who encourage rather than tear down?
Weeeell, this is one of those left handed compliments of high sensitivity! Their spirits sense that you are “safe” and so they will unerringly seek you out, just like a heat seeking missile. Abusive language may be their mother tongue. Even if they manage to say something nice it would probably have a barb in it somewhere. The interesting thing is that they feel better for a time when they have been with you. A spiritual exchange takes place when they interact with you. You absorb some of their pain; you draw down the pain level and they absorb some of Jesus life that is in you. That is why they seek you out! They are drawn to the life in you. A possible strategy when you see the hurt bird, or the angry bird coming your way is to send up one of those flash prayers, “Help!” Ask the Lord to stand between you and them to absorb the toxicity; then you will be able to sense the real message of their heart, what in particular you can ask the Lord to tend to/mend in them! You will feel yucky because some of their pain, even contamination, is on you/in you so you need to have that spiritual shower prayer handy!Ask the Holy Spirit to find every bit of it in you and lift it up and out of you, put it on the Cross for Jesus to deal with and then ask Him refill you with His cleansing and healing presence. And don't forget to "pray for those who persecute you so that you may be sons of your Father who is in heaven" (Matthew 5:44-45).  
The Lord may allow you to “see” the pain in their spirits and how it contorts them. If He does, He’s letting you see what He sees. Ask Him to also let you feel His heart for this person. Ya, you really need His heart so you can speak His words and not a snarky comment to silence them. Maybe ask to hear what He hears. He can hear between the lines and hear the spirit's cry. When people are apparantly hurtful and venomous, that is an expression of the pressure of an infection within their spirit. Their hurtful attack releases the pressure of that infection!

When such a pattern exists, ask the Lord if this because of sowing and reaping and you have your own repentance to do, or if it is an assignment from Him. Is He asking you to bring Jesus into an impossible situation to do the miraculous. This is definitely about Jesus versus the adversary, it’s not you against Goliath. If the enemy can get you to concentrate on how you are hurt he has a chance to influence you to hate being sensitive; he puts a wedge between you and your design. He turns you just a little bit away from God. He is very patient and will keep doing another little bit and another until your face is turned away from God.

God's plan is for your sensitivity to be a weapon in His hand with which He can free captives and heal the broken. If you are also a magnet for difficult people how do you handle it?

Blessings, Carol

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  1. Carol, Thank you so much for sharing this blog entry with us, it really spoke to me! You are a blessing!