Sunday, January 22, 2012

Book Review: Journey to Fulfillment

Today I would like to share a review of Theresa Franklin's Journey to Fulfillment. It is the story of one woman’s life journey and faith in God that will be an inspiration and encouragement to many. Theresa and her husband, David, were both somewhat ill equipped for life having been raised by parents who were adult children of alcoholics. Alcoholic  grandparents missed passing on many essentials to living successfully. Which means nonalcoholic parents passed on those same "blank spots" to Theresa and David! In spite of gaping holes where there should have been fences, they managed, with the Lord’s help, to agree on many issues, raise Godly children and remain financially solvent!  Often they came to their decisions by looking at the holes in their own upbringing and wanting NOT to do that!

 A source of great triumph and fulfillment for Theresa was being able to become a teacher, then to transition into working with emotionally disabled youngsters. The fulfillment she received from teaching and seeing it make a difference in children’s lives kept her going. Being a teacher myself, I thoroughly enjoyed the many stories of classroom episodes!

While teaching she also managed to tend to her own family needs. One thing people struggle with who have grown up with alcoholic parents is to know what “normal” is. Theresa, like so many, lived with some abusive elements in her home and did not recognize them for what they were for a very long time. There were some very stressful times! Faith and “her kids” kept her going. When the stress accumulated to a tipping point, the Lord would come through! Time and time again she would feel she could not go on, or that “this was too much” and the Lord would arrange people and circumstances to an outcome she could never have imagined.

I would heartily recommend this book to young mothers, to working moms, to anyone who struggles to rein life in to the point it is manageable, or to those who struggle with their relationship with God. By her own admission Theresa was ill equipped for life. If you know someone like that this book would be a great gift!

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  1. Carol, thanks for sharing this post about Theresa's book. It sounds like it would be a good book to read. Blessings, Deborah H. Bateman