Friday, August 12, 2011

Introducing the Spiritual Growth Books

After saying in my mission statement that I want this blog to be helpful, I think I need to introduce you to the books I've written for adults! The first is The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity, and the second is Highly Sensitive. They will be the next two posts, so it you want more, you are welcome to come back to the blog and read more, again! High sensitivity is neither right nor wrong--it is how your central nervous system is designed. High sensitivity means that your nervous system takes in more sensory data than most. Therefore, it may take you longer than most to process the abundance of data. You are not slow, dumb or somehow defective! High sensitivity just is; it is on a spectrum and you may be on the high end.

I want you to know that at least half the craziness you feel may not be your own!

Blessings, Carol

The The Mystery explains our connectedness, how we affect each other, how that can become a blessing rather than be a curse and some of what God intends to accomplish with this particular design! Highly Sensitive is about reining life in so that it becomes manageable. Many have found help with a chaotic life and freedom from the weight of thinking there was something terribly wrong with them! I am here to tell you that 1/2 the craziness you feel may not be your own!   

From here on I will be blogging from the perspective of being a highly sensitive person. As I share how high sensitivity affects me, you may be able to see that you are not alone. There are actually lots of us out there, we just don't make a lot of noise. Generally we don't want to attact attention!

Ocassionally I will delve into a pertinent question from a reader or the children's books for something of an emotional relief! Yet, even in the children's books you can find issues! Oy! Hopefully those issues are presented in a way that make you laugh even though it is a serious issue. And laughter is good medicine!  By the way, the second in the series of Sassy Pants stories is in the pipeline. We are hoping it will be available in time for this Christmas! I'll keep you posted.

Blessings, Carol

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  1. Thank you for a succinct description about the differences between your books. I've read them all (enjoyed and learned from each of them) but found your executive summary really helpful.