Thursday, July 14, 2011

Other Resources on High Sensitivity

Other Resources on high sensitivity.
I did read books on high sensitivity, but not until the manuscript for The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity was over half done. At that point someone gave me Elaine Aron’s book[1]The Highly Sensitive Person and asked if that was what I was talking about. Then we went looking for Dr. Aron's other books,The Highly Sensitive Child, and HSPs in Love. I was encouraged to find a psychologist who had done studies and had figures to back up her statements. She gave some very helpful strategies for coping with high sensitivity.  Her comments for parents and teachers of highly sensitive children are very helpful. However, she is a secular psychologist and did not address the spiritual side of the issue of high sensitivity, so I didn’t stop writing because someone with more, or different degrees than I, had already written. Her information added credence to what I felt the Lord gave me to say. My stance is that I don’t want to cope; I want to thrive, and joyfully! As believers in Jesus, we need to understand the design that our loving creator gave us! Why are we this way? What is our function? How does it work?
I was delighted to find that someone else had observed and studied this “phenomena” of high sensitivity. And, to find that our observations where almost identical! The only issue I had with her writing was that in her later books, she began to sound as though she was sliding into a New Age stance, which a believer should steer clear of. If one is able to keep the meat and spit out the bones, her books are a good resource.
Since The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive have been released I have found more authors writing in this genre. Daniel Siegel is a child psychologist who is able to translate the heady cutting edge brain research at least down to the post graduate level! If Dr. Siegel was heavy reading, can you imagine reading the original sources of the brain research? I have studied Greek and the Romance languages and feel I have a pretty good grasp of English, but reading that stuff I felt I needed to be fluent in English, German, French, Latin and Greek, and having a medical degree in neurology would have been helpful!
Jim Wilder’s little book, Living From the Heart God Gave You is another look at the same thing.

[1][1] Aron, Elaine, The Highly Sensitive Person, The Highly Sensitive Child, and HSPs in Love,

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