Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Mission Statement For My Blog

Being different than a majority of the people around you does not by definition make you crazy! It isn’t wrong, just different. I want to help people understand their design—and thrive in life instead of just survive. There are reasons why you may:
· Feel different from the rest of your family
· Feel incredibly sad, or depressed
· Feel unworthy—invisible, like a piece of furniture
· Sense an internal pressure pushing (for expression) you to do something
· Have strange experiences you can’t explain that come out of nowhere
· Have “excessive” emotional responses or totally out of character responses
· Be affected by other people’s moods
· Know things that no one told you
· Have a hard time saying no
· Not do well with crowds, lots of lights, noise, activity
· Be easily over stimulated
· Need time alone, and quiet to recharge and no one understands
· Feel other people’s agendas seem more important than yours
I invite you to explore with me this way less travelled and discover that there are many of us “out there.” You are not alone!

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