Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Apologies

My apologies...

You may have noticed some irregularity in the postings here at connectwithcarolbrown. I am feeling a need to confess…technology and I are not on the best of terms. My feelings are best captured in this photo which I saw on facebook and found in Google Images.

This is me after a bout with my computer. Not happy. I've even been known to hiss and spit! Low joy levels are obvious. I was going to crop this photo so you just saw the unhappy face but Blogger wanted the whole damp cat! Technology seems to think it funny to eat my contacts list or just to do something new and unique. Sigh.
Combine this ongoing battle with developing a new site to spread the word about my next project—Joy Starters, a book that I am co-writing with Chris Coursey of Shepherd’s House. Did you get that? It's a blog about joy! I guess you either laugh or cry. Check me out at but be warned; we are under construction! Add a few sporadic attempts to be current on marketing my other books……and you can see that it results in my being inefficient and scattered.

I bit the bullet. I got help. That’s what the Body of Christ is about, right? Hopefully the Joy Starters blog will be sparking joy soon and I will once again have a coherent stream of thought and be able to hear and share what is on God’s heart and mind with you. I apologize for not saying something sooner! You could have been praying for me. Sheesh!

Blessings, Carol…making it plain



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