Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Whew! What a struggle just to break in to the blog so I could update everyone!

We attended a conference for seers last weekend--I think it was last weekend. I still have foggy moments! : ) Anyway it was one of those wonderful events when you cram the van with a bunch of people and drive all night, then attend sessions all day. Crash and repeat, crash and repeat and then drive all day and half the night to get home! I was comatose for days but I planned for that...just didn't plan for it to hang on this long! We learned new things, practiced what we are still learning.   We were reminded of things we knew already but tend to forget, enjoyed lots of prayer, were affirmed and generally blessed!

It was wonderful to be in a room filled with highly sensitive people. I didn't feel out of place or wierd, not once. One of our group was physically healed. It was great fun to see her able to sit after having to stand or lie down for over a year. Her muscles had frozen in place, which is very painful. And for me, one of the biggest "take aways" was the community building that happened while travelling. We were able to spend 12+ hours together going and again coming home--you know people better when you do things together. With MS keeping me home so much this is a blessing to me. I now feel free to call any one of the group to visit or even to ask for help with transportation.

Another blessing! I finished the manuscript that recounts the parable of MS--working title is Through the Wilderness...the pathway to holiness. Now it enters the stage of collecting reviews and endorsements and securing a publisher. Anyone know a publisher who does memoire/inspirational devotional/spiritual adventure guides? But finishing the manuscript is not the blessing : )

The blessing is that I have been invited to join in a writing project for a group that I really admire. Since things are still in the "get acquainted" stage I will not yet mention names...but I'm so excited! I was poking around and asking the Lord for which of His list of books would He want me to begin. I had hardly thought the prayer and there was the email invitation!

So there you have it. That's what's been happening and why I haven't been as regular in posting. I'm slowly getting my feet under me and my thoughts collected. Next post will be back on the God Thoughts. Hope God has been blessing you these last couple weeks.

Blessings, Carol

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