Saturday, April 7, 2012

How Embarrassing!

Really embarrassing! I read someone's blog wrong, remembered incorrectly, got my dates mixed up and thought the John 3:16 Marketing Network Blog Hop starts today! No wonder I could not find a button! It hasn't been made yet! Sheesh. Insert red face. So let's do this again. There will be a blog hop. It will begin on  May 7.

Only one month to go until the John 3:16 Giveaway Blog Hop –

May 7th – 14th!

Join over fifty authors and bloggers who will be offering great books and other prizes on their blogs during that week. As a reader, you just “hop” from blog to blog and sign up to win some great prizes at each blog.
At this blog choose to win either children's books The Sassy Pants Series
The Burden Bearing Books
The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity and Highly Sensitive
(I will blog about the books so that you know what they are about)

You also have a chance of winning one of two Kindles!
Leave your name and email address along with a comment to enter the drawing.

Tell all your friends and join us May 7th – 14th for the

John 3:16 Marketing Network Giveaway Blog Hop!

See you there!
And there will be a little button right here that will take you to the next blog!

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