Tuesday, February 7, 2012

God Thoughts #2

Proverbs 16:9
A man's heart devises his way: but the LORD directs his steps.

It is so amazing! I get the word to READ THE RED verses in the bible because Jesus only said what the Father directed Him to say. The red text would reveal the Father's thoughts. Then He plops the next step in front of me, an invitation to memorize the mount--it is a scripture memorization plan by which to memorize Matthew 5,6,7--just two or three verses a week. At the end of 52 weeks, the sermon on the mount is a part of you. Whether you commute, do housework, homeschool, whatever, it is there in your mind to chew on, meditate upon.

Over time we pick up the traits of those with whom we spend time. I want my mindset to be like God's so I am committing the Sermon On the Mount to memory. Scripture says that the "govenment shall be upon His shoulders." In this year of politics I wonder if the Sermon On the Mount could be the planks in Jesus' platform... perhaps He was just laying it out there for us to see if we have His eyes!

Please share your ways of preparing the way for His kingdom to come. How are you working on your "heavenly mindset?"

Blessings, Carol

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  1. Thanks for choosing one of my favorite verses. I ran across Prov. 16:9 and 19:21 back in 1993 after searching for years to really know God's will for me. When I realized I plan, He directs, I have ideas, but His purpose prevails it was settled. Now I walk between these verses and know He's going to direct me to fulfill His purpose.