Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About My Books

What I would like people to know about each of my books?
The Mystery of Spiritual Sensitivity: This book will help you understand yourself, your friends, and your weird relatives better—your co-worker, boss, etc. That is, to the extent that high sensitivity is a part of what’s going on! Sometimes rotten behavior is just rotten behavior! I have encountered many, many people who labor under the burden of feelings of low self-esteem, low self-worth, and have a poor self-image, battle with sadness, various addictions, depression, and thoughts of self-harm. Learning that their central nervous system picks up more data than 70-80% of the population and that they are designed to be highly sensitive, may just be why they experience life the way they do has been a big help for many. You can find some of their testimonies on my website. If this is you, I want you to know that you may be different than most, but there is nothing “wrong” with you—you are not defective. Half the craziness you feel may not even be your own! Reading this book may be one of the most helpful things you do for yourself.
Highly Sensitive: There are areas in which you can make changes that will help rein life in so it is manageable. Life can be overwhelming, but it does not have to remain that way! To assist you in reining it in, I developed a guide to help you work through the material in this book so that it can become a part of you—not just head knowledge! You can find this on my website, on the “downloadable” page. www.fromgodsheart.com
Sassy Pants: I’d like people to know, and tell their friends, that I have a  parent/teacher manual that can be downloaded free of charge on my website (listed above). Go to the "downloadables" page. This has suggestions that can help parents talk with their children about various situations they encounter. I call it a parent/teacher manual because so many parents also home school. This Sassy Pants series works well to supplement in several subjects.
I also want to let folks know that Sassy Pants is the first in a series of four Sassy Pants stories. Watch for Sassy Pants Makes Amends—about fixing a friendship when you are the one who broke it, Sassy Pants and The Strange Creature,—about getting along with those different from yourself, and Sassy Pants and The Boss Hog—about finding her place in her father’s heart and her place in the herd. Knowing we have a “place” in someone’s heart, in a family, a group, a tribe is something we all need! The need to belong is a human thing, not just a pig thing!
To order copies of these books visit my website at: http://www.godsheart.com/. Until next time ~Blessings, Carol

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